About us

USA SURGICAL INTERNATIONAL (USI) was established in 1948 by Mr. Smith our grandfather  (late) who was well known business man in NY. He established the PSI in 1948. USI is well known surgical manufacturing company engaged in the manufacturing and trading of surgical instruments nationally and internationally. USI has the specialization of the following surgical instruments i.e

We are manufacturer and specialized in:

  1. Ophthalmology SURGICAL instruments
  2. Dental Surgical instrument
  3. Gynecological Surgical Instruments
  4. Beauty Instruments
  5. Orthopedic Surgical Instruments
  6. Cardiac Surgical Instruments
  7. ENT Surgical instruments
  8. Jewelry Instruments
  9. Titanium Instruments
  10. Nauru Surgical Instruments
  11. Animal & Veterinary Instruments
  12. Orthopedic Implants
  13. Spine Implants Titanium
  14. Urology
  15. OT / OR Dress codes
  16. Infection Control system

USI has expanded its network all over the Globe.
USI is also an exporting company to major countries of Europe, America and Asia.